MotoTrials Riding Conditions for Grand Lake Disney, OK - Ver 3.72
Report Time: Friday 04-19-19 01:15:19 am CST

Dam\Rock Garden Area (PEN02) : No Issues
Last 3 flow rate readings:
-Flow Rate = cfs as of
-Flow Rate = cfs as of
-Flow Rate = 9999999 cfs as of MM/DD HH:MM
-Daily MAX Flow Rate = -1000 cfs

Halfpipe Area Meter 2 (LNG02) : No Issues
Water Level = 12.88 feet as of 04/19 00:00
Flow Rate = 5520 cfs as of 04/19 00:00

Latest Weather Data as of: 04/19 00:00
Temp: 55 F Humidity: 69%
Light Air from the NorthWest at 4 mph

Current Hourly Weather Forecast

No Water Issues Expected - Go Ride
Note this report is based on data that may or may not be accurate and is not a substitute
for riders using their best judgement based on the actual conditions at the site.